Marco Palamidessi


Marco Palamidessi

He has a degree in Economics from the University of Florence and is enrolled in the Register of Public Accountants and Accounting Experts of Pistoia since 1995, in the Register of Auditors since 1999, and in the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court of Pistoia since 1998.

At Nexta he is the head of the department of company and industrial plans and is a member of Nexta Centro Studi.

He co-authored the book “Manual of Professional Technique, Company Valuation and Extraordinary Transactions” published by CEDAM in 2014.

He is a lecturer at the University of Pisa, Department of Business Economics for the master courses “Budget and Business Administration” and “Finance and Management Control”.
Also, he is a lecturer in the “Risk Management” course of Professor Mariarita Pierotti at the Bicocca University of Milan, as well as in the “Economics and Business Management” course of Professor Francesco Ciampi at the University of Firenze.


P. +39 02 50041265

Areas of Competence

  • Financial analysis
  • Financial crisis management
  • Industrial and financial investors
  • Minibond
  • AIM