Business crisis

Prevention and management of business crisis

The peculiar economic cycle we have been experiencing for years has made the issue of business crisis topical.In such a difficult context, NEXTA’s professional reality has developed an approach to consulting inclined first of all toward making the entrepreneurial class aware, so they take timely action when there are still the conditions for rehabilitating the company.More in general, our team provides assistance and advice on matters and challenges of bankruptcy law and handling business crisis, finding the best solutions for overcoming crucial stages in the life of a company.Today, many instruments are available to enterprises such as bankruptcy procedure, pre-bankruptcy proceedings, crisis from over-indebtedness, restructuring agreements and rehabilitation plans, trusts and international insolvency, etc.It is therefore good to use them depending on the circumstance and thereby make the work of the entrepreneur less burdensome.

Our working method enables companies to outsource certain typical corporate cross-company functions (legal, financial, audit, administration) with the scheduled attendance of our professionals on-site. This solution enables companies to reduce their fixed costs; to increase the skills; to keep up-to-date with respect to the development of regulations; to provide their in-house staff with opportunities to attend training sessions.


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