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The old saw that “prevention is better than cure” is nowadays highly topical more than ever.
The times of justice and complexity of international litigation increasingly require greater attention to the correct management of legal relationships since their onset.
The line between negotiation process and litigation has become decreasingly predictable at the cost of prevention, which should always be the best goal for companies.
Prevention is still the best goal that the company should always pursue, particularly when they are required to file a defence in proceedings started by counterparties.
Keeping this “mantra” in mind, our legal team consists of specialists in the main areas of law, can offer high quality legal advice either in out-of-court matters or during litigation proceedings before different judicial authorities (civil law, labour law, tax law, administrative law and arbitration law). Our lawyers have been liaising with foreign law firms and Italian-speaking colleagues since ever.

Our working method enables companies to outsource certain typical corporate cross-company functions (legal, financial, audit, administration) with the scheduled attendance of our professionals on-site. This solution enables companies to reduce their fixed costs; to increase the skills; to keep up-to-date with respect to the development of regulations; to provide their in-house staff with opportunities to attend training sessions.


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