In the last few years, the world experienced a number of crises at short intervals. 9/11, the “great recession” which started in 2008, the Euro crisis in 2010 and eventually the Covid pandemics we are currently living in. “Nothing will be as it was before” has become a mantra that forces everyone – from politicians to social parties, economic partners and businessmen – to reinvent themselves every day to keep up with the “new normality”.

Nexta #impresefamiliari Festival is designed to explore these ongoing changes and analyse the economic, entrepreneurial, environmental, social, financial and technological scenarios.
Nexta #impresefamiliari Festival is also a means to understand how family-led or family-owned businesses should move in a rapidly changing world and which role the youth are going to play as the future leading characters of our society and economy.

The Festival yearns for becoming a virtual and physical place and drawing attention to family businesses in Italy and abroad, which are of paramount importance from a financial, social and cultural standpoint in all countries where they are engaged.
The Festival takes a journey through family businesses focusing on the human element in entrepreneurship and its diversity.
We highlight the key role played by family businesses as well as their added value compared to the rest of the business world through dialogue and discussion among speakers, who have different perspectives.
In brief: humanism is strongly present and deeply embedded in family businesses, it is tightly related to economic, social, cultural and financial aspects and it is the main reason of their success.

To say it with a slogan, Nexta #impresefamiliari Festival starts from the difference that makes the difference – and this is its added value: empathetic and humanistic businesses in which qualitative and intangible aspects play a substantial and significant role as catalysts of balance sheet results.


The Festival has the following target: to be an incentive to dialogue, development and growth of family businesses, to make their cultural and entrepreneurial diversity a starting point to explain the changing world, without covering their limits and all problems to be solved.

Its goal is to show to businessmen and the Festival audience in general the scenarios they will face in the forthcoming years and how measures as well as individual and collective behaviours should be implemented. Aspects to be considered and addressed by experts and speakers include those relating to ESG criteria, size growth, interaction with present and anticipation of future scenarios; in one sentence: adapting to changes and implementing a proactive approach.


Our formula

The first Festival will be held in Trento and will start with a number of meetings in one day, which will take place in various locations of the city, such as former industrial facilities, squares, all of them to be symbolic and suggestive places.

Personal attendances will be supplemented by video or electronic links to ensure the largest possible audience as well as an interaction with moderators and speakers through online questions.
Our goal is to create a virtual community exchanging ideas inside its members and with organisers and speakers in the period between one event and the next one. It is going to be a “#Phygital” event.

Topics that will be covered during talks concern long-term aspects and they will be addressed to enable a diverse audience (and obviously businessmen in particular) to understand how these aspects can affect family businesses, entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

Angelo Conte

Festival Director

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