Giacomo Bosia


Giacomo Bosia – Member of Festival Centro Studi

Founder of Euroristoro S.r.l. in 1990, a company of which he is currently CEO. He is Chief Executive and sole owner (current position) of B-Food S.r.l., sole managing director and sole owner of B-team consulting S.r.l. In January 2010, Euroristoro together with McDonald’s Italia formed a joint venture. The company is 50% owned by McDonald’s and 50% by the licensee.
This partnership ensures rapid growth and constant development within the system. At present Euroristoro and B-Food companies count 21 restaurants and over 1k employees. In April 2016, the company won the “Golden Arch Awards”.
The prestigious award is the highest award for a McDonald’s licensee: it is awarded every year just to no more than 40 franchisees all over the world. These people are those who achieved the best results in relation to the management of restaurants and their employees.
In addition, Giacomo Bosia distinguished himself over the years to be on the local community side and to have helped McDonald’s system to develop its business and new ideas.