Innovation & Strategy

NEXTA has entered into partnership with the Politecnico di Milano’s Department of Management Engineering in a project entitled “Innovation & Strategy“. Together, they aim to offer strategic consulting services for the Italian market, combining their respective scientific and consulting skills.

The services will include:

– Corporate Innovation

  • (Re)development and implementation of innovative processes in the company
  • Design of an innovation model for the company from the perspective of Open Innovation
  • Organisational restructuring of the R&D department
  • Start-up Scouting
  • Support for the development of new and innovative products and services

– Family Business e Governance

  • Support for the professionalisation and transformation of the family business in a climate of disruptive change
  • Planning leadership succession, to promote the strategic renewal of the company
  • Developing a system of effective governance to reconcile family and business needs
  • Planning the involvement and entry of the new generation into the company
  • Combining tradition and technology to develop successful products and services

– Strategic transformation

  • Support for the creation of business strategies that create competitive advantage, while having a positive impact on the world
  • Analysis and recommendations to allow the companies to respond effectively to disruptive changes taking place in the industry, turning threats into opportunities
  • Balancing the focus between the current core business and future technology and market trends
  • Supporting the analysis and development of knowledge and skills to empower business strategies

To request more information from Nexta about the project, please contact us using our information request form